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Code of Conduct


Shahid Rajeev Pandey Government College Bhatagaon,Raipur is committed to maintain a culture of good conduct, discipline,respect,equity and accountability. The code of conduct is  necessary to mark the boundaries.


  Students are expected to abide by these code of conducts.

1. Students should be well-disciplined and regular in attending the classes,class-tests and examinations.

2. Students are expected to treat the teaching and non-teaching staff along with the fellow students with courtesy and respect.

3. Use of mobile phones during the class hours, without the permission of teachers is prohibited

4. Students should  cultivate the habit of looking  at  the notice-boards( Both Online and Offline) everyday.

5. Students must avoid the mishandling of the library books and should return them before the given deadline.

6. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited

7. Students are expected to come to the college in a proper dress to maintain the decency.

8. Smoking,Chewing tobacco products/drugs is strictly prohibited inside the college premises.