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Vision and Mission

As the saying goes, “Without vision and mission, people perish,” In the same way a college  also follow some vision. Our vision is to transform lives and community through learning" encapsulated in college’s monogram as “Gyanam Jyotirmaya Lokah"
  • To provide the value based education at affordable cost in all programs run by the college.
  • To pursue holistic development of the students through academic and extension activities.
  • To inculcate strong feeling for Gender Sensitivity, Social Obligation, National Value and Environmental Concern.
  • To instill quality of leadership and service towards the neighboring community and society.
  • To provide a continuously improving educational and research environment in which faculty, administrators, students and staff work together to educate our students.
  • To attract diverse outstanding students, and to motivate and educate them to reach their full potential.